The Mikee Jones Memorial Scholarship


William Hagan

Loyola New Orleans Senior



Left to Right: Don Boomgaarden, Dean; Will Hagan; John Snyder, Chair of Music Industry Program; and Jay Crutti, professor

William Hagan is a rising senior in the Music Industry Studies program at Loyola. He is from Westport, CT.  We are proud to have William as our 2012-2013 Mikee Jones Music Scholarship recipient.



My goal in the music industry is to be a tour manager who can also work as a front of house sound engineer, guitar tech, driver, and any other job that the band might require of me. Basically, I want to provide a service to bands that need help touring where, when they hire me, they also get the same services as a driver, van rental service, amp. guitar tech, soundman, and tour manager. I live my life by my mantra which is help those who ask and look for those who don't. I like helping people, and I love music. My future plans in the music industry is to combine these two passions.
I applied to Loyola looking into the recording field of work, but fell in love with live shows, both performing in them and working at them. It was during the beginning of my junior year that I realized that being a tour manager would be the perfect job for me. But something that would make me stand out from all the others is my willingness to do any task that I feel I can accomplish. I think this comes from being a Boy Scout from the ages of 10-18. The experiences that I had from scouting have helped form my work ethic and overall outlook on problem solving. Being prepared is just one of many credos that I still apply to my work life, not to mention the many things from Scouting that I apply to my life as a whole.
My job in the Czech Republic is working as a backline technician for the Nomads of Prague. I spend my weekdays preparing backline for the band who are going on tour, and then on the weekends, I am sent to festivals as a backline tech to deliver and fix any problems with the amps and drums that occur. I have been working since June 11th and finish on august 12th or 13th. It has been a great experience working with people from another country, and I have greatly increased my knowledge of amplifiers and how to fix them when they eventually breakdown.


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